Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Day Six......... Mostly Trimmings

Today I was officially back to work after my xmas holidays so most of the day was spent in my
workshop making dolls.
However I soon made up for lost time come evening when I relaxed by sorting out the trims for the front and sides of the house.
You can see here how beautifully the antique white trim complements the burgundy on the front.
I'm really happy with the colour and I think the windows will look fab with some toys displayed there. I will have curtains behind the window displays but havent decided yet wether to go for sheer or heavy curtains.

The left side of the house looks lovely with the trim but you can see here where the missing sill should be.
Ihave tried to contact the suppliers but no luck as yet. being very impatient I think I will simply improvise and make my own................

Here is the front of the house looking fab so far. The name sign will be the finishing touch and I want to give it some beautiful writing so will work on that when the outside is completed.
I havent photographed the right side of the house yet as I am still figuring out how to handle the short door !
I have a gap at the bottom that needs sorted .
Then as I glued on the last bit of trim leaving only the door step I realised I only have one step of two.
This is the reason why on unpacking your dolls house kit you should go through every piece and make sure you have it all.
Although I love this house, one problem I found with the instructions was there were no pictures to identify each piece. I did recieve a check list along with the instructions but every box had been already ticked by my supplier and after a quick look through the pieces it seemed as if all were there........................ So due to my being such an eager beaver and not returning the kit on finding the damaged pieces, I will also be improvising on the door step..................................... I am sure it will all be fine in the end !
julie xxx


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

I love that antique cream colour, really sets it off a treat. Trim looks fab , all coming on so beautiully and your so dedicated , wish I had your perserverance!! Kate xx

julie campbell said...

Thanks kate, I love the colour too :0)
I am just so excited to finish work on the outside of the house.
I have so many plans for the inside and the stories of characters who willl live here, I cant wait !
julie xxx