Monday, 24 January 2011

A wee bit of progress....

I havent posted for a while, but this doesnt mean I havent made a wee bit of progress on Trimbles.
I am slowly starting to furnish the rooms and was able to spend some time over the holidays making up a few kits and doing a little internet shopping !
First the kitchen. I am awaiting a phoenix kit range which will fit nicely inside my fireplace . I had planned to make a fireplace but came across this Dolls House Emporium one which was reasonably priced and exactly what I had in mind !

I printed the rug onto cottonand fringed the edges. The kitchen chair is a Chrysenbon kit which I painted cream and the lovely basket of blackberries on the chair isby the lovely Mags of Mags-nificent Miniatures.
I need to make curtains but the kitchen is shaping upjust as I imagined it would.
I then made a small start on the parlour. This roomis still quite empty but as it is going to take some time to fill it up I thought I would show it progressing.
First I tried to make a fireplace ! Of course being me I just bashed it up out of bits of balsa and painted, then stencilled it.
it is probably more suited toa bedroom but again being me I glued it into place before realising this ! For now it will stay there as I am sure Iwill be making a few changes as I go along.
The lovely chaise is exactly what I wanted. With some cushions it will be perfect !
The painting and chinoiserie cabinet were internet finds fromthe USA, I love the cabinet manufactured by Hanson and will be filling it with dolls in keeping with the toyshop !
The mirror was an ebay find and the rest of the furniture I made up from kits

As you can see I still have a lot of work to do in the parlour , but you can see the character of the room forming and I am certainly enjoying looking out for special pieces to go into it.
julie x