Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Banisters, bricks and modge podge to the rescue !

Progress has been a little slow in the last week .I'm busy in my studio working on dolls for upcoming fairs and also have some other miniature projects to work on so my Emporium has been a treat to work on in the evenings.

As you can see my bricks arrived and I was able to finish the brickwork on the left hand side of the house.

I think I will definitely be adding some drainpipes to the building but this will be done after I get the pavement finished.

I have ordered some lovely slate paving slabs which should be here at the weekend and cant wait to get them on.

Once the bricks and pebble dashing were completed it was a really simple job to attach the turntable. The black plastic disc with rollers simply sat on top of the base board and then both were attached to the bottom of the house with a long screw through the centre of them both.

I love this part of the kit, the house looks lovely raised slightly from the table and its really nice being able to turn it to see into the side doors.

As you can see Pepsi has decided to supervise work on the house from now on.......................

While working on the house I have noticed my "pebbles" dropping off at an alarming rate ! Rather than end up with any bald spots I have now sealed it with matte mod podge.

This wonderful stuff comes in useful for such a lot of things .

I used my pastry brush to apply it as its large and very soft so wouldnt dislodge any more pebbles.

Although it looks a bit worrying when first applied it dries to a clear matte protective surface which can be wiped clean.

While my modge podge dried I finished the banisters and stair rails for the house.
After the struggle with the stairs I was relieved that this was a very easy job, the stairposts fitted easily into the pre made holes in the base strips and the banisters fitted easily over the top.

I couldnt resist trying them out in the house.
Although they arent fixed into place yet you can see how lovely they look :0)

The next job on my list is the roof. I will be tiling it with real slate tiles and then the outside of my shop will be almost complete !
julie xxx


Bear cabin miniatures said...

Its looking lovely, Julie :0)
Julia xx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Its So gorgeous Julie, have you stuck the shop front on yet? Im wondering what to glue the shop front with as Im sticking it to the brick compund and not sure if the normal PVA will be man enough? Want a really good fixing. Im still lookig at mine next to me, need John to go out and get the right size tacks as Im going to glue and then tack the walls and floors into place as it all seems so heavy . Hope to have some progress soon but it dosnt look a patch on yours!!
Kate xx

Kim said...

It looks so amazing so far! I love the contrast between the bricks and the pebbles- it is such an attractive house ♥

Michelle's Mad World said...

It looks simply marvellous!! I love it! :o)) I have never heard of Modge Podge, where did you buy it?!
I'm now starting on my Hogwarts (at last!), making the inglenook fireplace and fitting the Gothic doors! Alas it 'won't' be built as fast as yours...too much to do and you work SUPER fast! lol ;o)
Michelle xxxx

Cheryl said...

The Emporium is coming along nicely. It is a pleasure to follow your progress!

Debie Lyons said...

Its lovely Julie, you have come such a long way in such a short space of time.
Debie xxxxxx

Tallulah Belle said...

looking great Julie.....slow as you claim to be you are still working fast ;-)

Jain Squires said...

Fantastic Julie,it's looking perfect looking forward to seeing it next week. Glad the mod podge came up trumps. Love Jainxxxxx

Julie Kendall said...

It just keeps getting better and better each time you post! I love the banisters, esp on the bottom picture...........its fantastic to see this take shape, clever idea with the modge podge.

julie campbell said...

Thanks for the comments :0)
Kate, yes I used PVA to stick the shop fronts on. Its poretty strong and should be fine. It is a heavy house, especially with allthe tiles and bricks on.
Michelle Modge Podge is brilliant, reccommended to me by jain and now an invaluable part of my supplies ! Its available at most craft shops, mine came from hobby craft.
julie xxx

Mod Podge Amy said...

It looks great! Great solution with the Mod Podge.