Friday, 9 April 2010

Almost time to stock up !

Well, as you can see from these photos the shop floor is ready to start stocking up !
Apologies for the lack of posts recently, I am busy making dolls for the Spring miniatures shows here in the UK and most of my time has beem taken up with that.
However in my spare time I have been adding little touches here and there to the Emporium and I hope you like it so far !

Here you can see the blind I made for the window with silk striped fabric and fringed ribbon.
I painted and disressed two little pie crust tables and the curio cabinet. I also lined the back of the cabinet with matching toile wallpaper so it blends in with the decor. It was tricky positioning furniture with an opening door there . I like the cabinet here as it would distract customers from trying to open the door, yet still give access forBelle and Uncle Mort !
( I hope to be introducing Uncle Mort soon,he is quite a character.....................)

Here you can see the shop counter with its many drawers. These will be filled with all manner of tiny toys, but for now they sit empty and expectantly .
I have very few toys in the shop , you can see here amongst them a wonderful pull along tiger cub by Sandra at tower house dolls, a mini bear by josephine parnell, a horse and cart by chris sturgess lief and a humpty dumpty who falls off his wall when the lever is pulled by L & A. St. Leger , Humpty was one of the first miniatures I ever bought and I always knew Iwould have a wonderful toy shop to display him in one day so he has pride of place on the counter !
This is the side wall of the shop which is still waiting for guttering and a drainpipe. Whilst exhibiting at Miniatura last month I came across this wonderful theatre advert by Corner Shop Designs and just had to have it. I knew it would be perfect for this wall and it was !

Next I plan to work on decorating the rest of the house.
julie xxx