Monday, 9 May 2011

Belle's Bedroom, work has begun !

First of all thank you for your patience, its been a long time between posts !

I have been so busy with my dollmaking I havent had a lot of hobby time this year . After exhibiting at Kensington Dollshouse festival this weekend I will finally be able to step off the treadmill and find some of that elusive time to work on my Emporium .

I have done a little work though, and this is Belle's bedroom so far. Belle is 12 years old and although she works very hard helping her Uncle she is still a child and one of the perks of living above a toyshop with a toymaker uncle is having wonderful toys.

There will be some quite magical toys in Belle's bedroom although right now it is fairly empty.

I dressed her bed , it is a phoenix kit I painted and assembled, very simple to do and it looks wonderful. I spent ages dressing the bed to make it look slightly shabby yet still pretty and cosy.

The room needs curtains, a chest of drawers for Belles clothes or possibly a small writing desk.

Decisions, decisions !

I am looking forward to finishing this room.

The room next door belongs to Uncle Mort who is rather a strange fellow and will fittingly have rather a strange room.............. I am planning some minor adjustments to the structure of the room and will post more when I get time to try out my plans.

Welcome to my new followers, I hope I wont keep you waiting quite so long for another post :0)

julie xxx