Saturday, 19 May 2012

All change for Trimbles Toy Emporium

Once again it has been some since my last post. Life has been busy and the toy shops doors have been mostly closed. This week however I found time to work on some ideas i have had and finally I have trimbles exactly how I want it and ready to fill with lovely things !
You can see I now have the shop counter in. This needs a till and the toy shop shelves need filling but there will be no more changes to the layout now.
You might have noticed it all looks slightly different.....

I blocked the doorway from the shop to the house with a wall and then placed shelving in front of the wall. The door was never used but I felt the need to leave a clear path to it as you would in real life , so space was wasted.

Now I have lots more shelves and the view in from the side window is lovely . I will be stacking that toybox high with toys and really love the way it all looks now :0)

This little room is a new addition ! I have always been unhappy with the deep rooms in the roof.

The rooms above the shop both have doors in the back leading to the landing. Upstairs there had been a stairwell in one bedroom which had a door leading to the other bedroom..... a most impossible arrangement ! I tried to solve this by hiding the stairwell and making a built in bed in Uncle Morts room, but it really did not please me and I couldnt live with it.

So I have blocked the doorway between the two rooms and added a wall in the back of each room with a doorway leading to extra rooms and an imaginary passageway !

Belles room looks so sweet with her little writing / dressing room !

Uncle Morts room will have a bathroom in the tiny room. I think the house needed one and I am left with a lovely sized room ready to fill with the furniture of my choice for Uncle Morts bedroom.

The trunk is just biding time in there until I get my bathroom furniture :0)

It all looks right to me now and authentic to the rest of the building, and I am very much looking forward to filling it up !

Hope you like the way it is turning out,

julie x