Thursday, 20 May 2010

Wonderful Goodies for the Toy Shop !

Firstly,my apolgies for the recent lackof posts .
Life has been very hectic preparing for the run of spring and summer shows, but I finally have a little time towork on the Emporium again.
I have been trying not to be tempted with things to display in the shop ........................ I wanted to complete the decorating and building work first,
but one of the perks of exhibiting at Kensington Dolls House Festival is the chance to visit other makers and purchase some special items.
The first two items are sheer perfection in my eyes !
Miniatures for my miniatures !!! Just look at the size of the tiny brass chairs on the book and look at the tiny dolly in the brass bed, she even has a face and the whole thing is no bigger than my finger nail !
These stunning items willsit on the shopcounter and are made by the fabulously talented Deb Jackson she makes all manner of wierd and wonderful items, not just toys and books, visit her website to be amazed.

You can see the scale of the book here on my hand. It really is perfect.

As is my other main purchase............... this sleeping cat looks very like my own cat Pepsi, who came to us as a stray and brought so much love with him.
I couldnt resist the chance to have a miniature version so this one caught my eye immediately. If you look you can see he even has tiny whiskers !
He is made by the very talented Sarah Schiff "Pocket Pets" She makes the most wonderful animals , they are so real they almost look at you, I am delighted to own this piece.

Here he is now, asleep on the shelf in the shop in a spot that I know the real Pepsi would definitely love to sleep on !
I think he adds a lovely touch to the shop window :0)
I am now working on the upstairs hall way of the emporium which must be completed before I put the interior walls in as there will not be full access to them after that .
I hope to have progress and pictures up here very soon.
Thanks so much for your patience waiting for the next step, at least nobody will think I rushed this LOL
julie xxx


synnøve said...

The goodies you purchased for your toy shop are just wonderful!!! The KDF is a great place to pick up new and fantastic items, and you sure picked some gorgeous ones!! Thank you for sharing, and I am looking forward to see more from this delightful shop :D
Synnøve :)

Bear cabin miniatures said...

They are all fab, Julie and those chairs are so tiny! I love your little cat with his whiskers! He looks very content there on the shelf. Wonderful buys :0)
Julia xxx

Kim said...

the mini Pepsi is sooo adorable- I love him sleeping on the shelf!! The tiny doll and book is amazing-I'm off to visit her website and marvel some more!! Thank you for sharing Julie- fabulous finds for your Toy Shop!!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Oooh I looked at Deb Jackson stall, but had to walk away , too tempting!!! Wonderful things there for your house, the fair had some lovely toys. and the cat is puuuurfect!!!Kate xxx

Sans said...

I a a cat lover myself and mine is called Xerxes. We got him from the SPCA. If I see a mini version of him, I will waste no time buying Mini Pepsi is too cute :). He will get to sleep anywhere he pleases I am sure :).

Your shop is going to be filled with so many lovely things!

Merry Jingle said...

Oh what precious little things you have, how in earth can someone do that small and detailed work? Amazing. Pepsi looks cute on the top shelf :)


The Old Maid said...

I love these little chairs! The mini Pepsi is so cute!

Jain Squires said...

Deb's stuff is trully wonderful and Pepsi is perfect there in his place in the window. Jain xxx

Janice said...

Hi Julie you are stocking up nicely. I love Sarah's cats and bought a beautiful Abbyssinian this time around. They are really fabulous but photos just don't do them justice. When I look at mine I can just sense them looking down their nose at me!

Michelle's Mad World said...

I LOVE that cat and his whiskers too! Simply superb, I can't believe I missed yet another great stand! lol Those little chairs are the smallest I've ever seen - just fantastic. Wonderful new mini's!

Have you started on the Orangery yet?! :o)) I'm so looking forward to your version.

Michelle xxx

julie campbell said...

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments.
I think a lot of us have cats, they seem to go hand in hand with a love of miniatures !
Hi Michelle, I have taken time off this week to work on the shop and will have progress pics soon........the orangery is on the table as we speak and I have just moved the shop in my sitting room so I can turn it a full 360 degrees, the orangery will be on the back all being well soit will be like 2 different houses when I swing it round !!.....well thats the plan anyway LOL
julie xxxx