Saturday, 22 May 2010

Heading Upstairs.........progress at last !

Okay , I give up LOL my blog has put its foot down and try as I may it will not let me move these photos around to the correct order !

I blame the heat , summer has arrived at last, but the one benefit to our garden resembling a building site at the mioment is that I dont want to sit in it .

So instead I have been working in the cool sitting room and finally have some progress to show you all !

This is the upstairs hallway :0)

This can be accessed through the side opening door of the dolls house, but otherwise can only be seen through the open doors of the kitchen and parlour.

I cant access it again to redecorate so I had to make sure it was exactly how I wanted it.

I love it ! I used a washed out pink and cream wallpaper above the dado and the same muted green stripe that I used downstairs so it flows nicely .

I had some issues with the house kit. The main one being there are no interior door or window trims. You can see here I improvised with some scraps of dado and cornice to make window frames and sills. I am pleased with the results.

I used some ivory silk
tulle to make nets for the windows and made the curtains
from some silk brocade fabric. Both from The Silke Route.

Here is the full stretch of the back interior hallway wall.

This will never be seen again from this angle ! Once I fitted the dividing wall into the house it is quite closed off .

Here you can see how I decorated the hall side of the dividing wall before sliding it in and you can see the wall from the other side once in place with the doors inserted from the hall side so they open into the rooms as in real life .

I had already decided what each of my rooms would be. This floor has one large room and one small room , so the small room just had to be the kitchen and larger room the parlour.

I will be fitting a chimney breast to the inside of the dividing wall , but havent chosen a fireplace yet so will wait until I do. The cooker will then go on the back side of that in the kitchen .

Finally, here is the kitchen with the wallpaper on !
I really love the paper I have chosen. When the front of the shop is open I want all the rooms to harmonise with each other and I am using soft greens and muted pinks and browns as my pallette as I think it has the right feel for my Emporium !

I have added the cornice now to the kitchen, more pics in another post ! But wont be adding the skirting boards or dado rail until I have my sink unit and cooker in place. I will be building shelved alcoves around the cooker on the back
side of the chimney breast. The sink will go under the window and I can then arrange my drainpipes on the outside wall of the emporium to look authentic !
As I have not found a sink or cooker or fireplace yet that I like I will leave these rooms now and move on to another part of the building.............................
watch out for my next post, I will be doing some special work on the back of my house, I have a cunning plan ................................. !
julie xxx


Bear cabin miniatures said...

It's looking really lovely Julie and I love your choice of colours. Looking forward to more pics as you progress :0)
Julia xxx

Jain Squires said...

Julie, it looks fantastic. I love the muted colours, just my cup of tea. I want to go in there and have a walk around. Superb job and so very quick!! Love Jain xx

Julie Kendall said...

Its looking wonderful and as jain just want to stroll around there.

Flora said...

Meanwhile, congratulations on your 100 followers. I also follow you recently but already appreciate your wonderful work, attention to detail, good taste of each choice. I love your house :-)

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

It all looks very harmonious! I love the fact that the hallway is mostly hidden, and I agree you did a great job "faking" the interior moulding!

synnøve said...

You had me fooled for a time here.. that first picture looked just like a real hallway!!!!!!!
Beautiful work :)))
Synnøve :)

Merry Jingle said...

Your house looks really nice, I love that kind of layout that the some areas are not visible, it gives more real life feeling :)

And I love the kitchen wallpaper :)


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

The colours are beautiful, very classy and I agree with Jain I would love to shrink to miniature size and have a walk around, especially when all the toys are in!!
Keen to see your cunning plan! Kate xxx

The Old Maid said...

Beautiful colours! It looks so good! Can't wait to see more photos:)

Sans said...

I find the new image function very frustrating as well!! And I have almost given up trying to place my pictures anywhere else except center because yes, the side pictures cannot be moved properly. O yes, I have also given up on that. I just remove the pic and insert it again until it align and is in the right order :).

Julie, I can't believe that you were busy with your dolls then the fair and still have time to go this far and construct this well, your beautiful Edwardian home AND leaving time to conceive of a cunning plan??? Don't cunning plans take a long time to make? :).

Those tulle curtains fall so beautifully. I still remember my struggle with them not that long ago when I 1st started this

Irene said...

It all looks great and loads of pics as well. I like your choice of colours too.

Ara said...

All the patterns and colors you have picked out are just perfect!! The whole place has such a great feeling to it!

Michelle's Mad World said...

I almost missed this post! It's looking amazing Julie, it's really lovely and very classic in a homely way. :o))

Hmmm I hope to see some photo's of the Orangery soon!!! :o))

Michelle xxx

Anonymous said...

Just had a chance to catch up on your work Julie.

It's all looking good.
I'm quite in awe of those who can build. It's a special skill to be able to know which bits to put in first and which must wait till later.No doubt I would get it all wrong! LOL Hopefully Stephen won't!

Irene said...

Julie, it's all coming along really well. I love the colour choices and, although you had to create window frames, etc. it's nice to have a window sill, isn't it? I think it looks better than a shop bought frame - much more interesting.

Janice said...

Hi Julie. You are making great progress on your emporium. I love all the muted colours, they blend perfectly.
I agree with you about the interior mouldings very poor show and no excuse for it from a high quality product.

Suzanne said...

It's looking so beautiful!!!
Love the wall papers!
I'm just started my first dollhouse
Do you have a tip where I can find
such lovely wallpaper?

julie campbell said...

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments !
Suzanne I getmy wallpaper from jennifers of walsall
They have a vast range of wallpapers from some wonderful suppliers
Good luck with your first dolls house, you will become addicted I'm sure !

Anonymous said...

It all looks wonderful!
I am going to buy the Mountfeild dolls house from DHE and you have really helped me with my ideas and how to overcome some of the obstacles in my head.
Thanks again