Friday, 9 April 2010

Almost time to stock up !

Well, as you can see from these photos the shop floor is ready to start stocking up !
Apologies for the lack of posts recently, I am busy making dolls for the Spring miniatures shows here in the UK and most of my time has beem taken up with that.
However in my spare time I have been adding little touches here and there to the Emporium and I hope you like it so far !

Here you can see the blind I made for the window with silk striped fabric and fringed ribbon.
I painted and disressed two little pie crust tables and the curio cabinet. I also lined the back of the cabinet with matching toile wallpaper so it blends in with the decor. It was tricky positioning furniture with an opening door there . I like the cabinet here as it would distract customers from trying to open the door, yet still give access forBelle and Uncle Mort !
( I hope to be introducing Uncle Mort soon,he is quite a character.....................)

Here you can see the shop counter with its many drawers. These will be filled with all manner of tiny toys, but for now they sit empty and expectantly .
I have very few toys in the shop , you can see here amongst them a wonderful pull along tiger cub by Sandra at tower house dolls, a mini bear by josephine parnell, a horse and cart by chris sturgess lief and a humpty dumpty who falls off his wall when the lever is pulled by L & A. St. Leger , Humpty was one of the first miniatures I ever bought and I always knew Iwould have a wonderful toy shop to display him in one day so he has pride of place on the counter !
This is the side wall of the shop which is still waiting for guttering and a drainpipe. Whilst exhibiting at Miniatura last month I came across this wonderful theatre advert by Corner Shop Designs and just had to have it. I knew it would be perfect for this wall and it was !

Next I plan to work on decorating the rest of the house.
julie xxx


The Old Maid said...

I love the curio cabinet! The blind is so pretty! And the advert is just stunning! It will be a superb shop when fullfilled with all the toys!

shannonc60 said...

Looking great Julie! The colours look very sweet but not dowdy or over-bearing. Looking forward to seeing more toys and interior decorating!

Michelle's Mad World said...

Goodness, this shop simply gets better and better! :o)) Wonderful blind you have made and I love the cabinet too! I didn't know that type of little table was called a pie crust either!

I love the little tiger on wheels and I didn't know Sandra made things like this!!!! I have some of her wonderful dolls but nothing like this! :o)

Michelle xxxx

Bear cabin miniatures said...

I love your colours, Julie, it's coming along wonderfully. The furniture and blind suit it perfectly. Your theatre advert is great, I love it :0)
Julia xxx

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Its looking lovely Julie, you have been so busy!!! I havnt done anything to my toyshop for ages..... am hanging my head in shame now LOL

Debbie said...

Julie, I don't know where you find the time, what with all the shows coming up. The Toy Shop is coming together beautifully. Looking forward to seeing all the Toys that will grace those shelves..x

Margaret said...

Your toy shop is looking great, the colours are so soft, so the colourful toys will really stand out.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see all the toys as I am totally ignorant of what is out there so it'll be an education for me! Love it all!
The theatre poster is reminds me of some dummy boards that were made as adverts there! Same sort of figures!
Maybe my next post?


Norma said...

Oh yes, that advert is wonderful!

I like the idea of lining the cabinet to match the walls :)

Debie Lyons said...

Its lovely Julie and it gets more lovely every time you show us.

Debie xxxxxx

Sans said...

The toy shop may not be very well stocked now but it is a treasure trove nonetheless! You have beautiful pieces in there and I really like how you are introducing them to us one by one so we can get to know them more.

The later additions are such graceful touches, like the blinds and the cabinet with the matching lining. The advert is perfect and so is that brick wall.

julie campbell said...

Thank you :0)
I am going for a sort of faded grandeur with the whole interior of the place. I just wish I had a few weeks to concentrate on it as I have lots of plans and little time. If I have time today I am going to try my hand at stained glass . I'm replacing the door that leads into the living quarters
and if my stained glass works will post pics of it later !
fingers crossed :0)
julie xx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

I bet you wish you could magically create more hours in a day Julie! Its looking fab, love the cabinets. That pull along tiger, so adorable. So many shelves to fill, will cost you a small fortune but So worth it! Kate xx

Irene said...

Despite other things claiming your time, the shop is coming along well and there is just enough stock to give a taste of what's to come. Sorry I didn't say hello at Miniatura - you looked too busy!

Jody said...

I like your dollhouse, it's beautyful!

Pandora said...

The shop is lovely. Is the wallpaper toile? it is so pretty.


julie campbell said...

Thank you :0) and welcome to jody and pandora .
yes pan it is toile , I love it in miniature and also in full size,its one of my favourite patterns :0)
julie xxx

Flor said...

Julie ¡que bonito tĂș blog! ( =

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

I love your cabinets, especially that little display counter. Where did you get them from?