Saturday, 6 February 2010

lights, passageways and the shop wall in place

Two posts in one day ! This is the beautiful light I have bought for the shop from Ray Storey. I have bought single versions of the same light for the passageways . I am delighted with them and cant wait to get the electrics sorted out !
But that will have to wait a while as am busy making dolls for my upcoming fairs .

Here we have the cubby hole under the stairs. It will never be seen from this angle as the back wall of the shop pushes up against the stairs. You can only see a glimse of it through the open side door , the tradesmans entrance . I will probably just store a bit of junk under the stairs.
So finally I was able to get the back wall of the shop in place. I am delighted with it and very relieved that it still fitted after papering and painting ! You can see the side window frame with the aubergine paint. I will be repainting the inside of this frame the soft olive green I have chosen for the woodwork before I fit the "glass".
The soft distressed green is so easy on the eye and gives a lovely feel to the place.
I have almost finished the passageway behind the door, just some skirting board to put in place and then I can start to think about how best to do the flooring.
julie xxx


Michelle's Mad World said...

I'm guessing that you aged using the stain effect again? If you did, it looks so very authentic and real! ;o) I love this whole look, the doors are wonderful colours too!

BIG problems with the flagstones...'only' to do with the (poor!) design of the kit though. I will have to use a similar thing to paperclay to make my flagstones methinks. Will post on my blog why, so you will know! ;o)
Michelle xxxx

julie campbell said...

hi Michelle, Oh no ! sounds like you've had a frustrating time with the flags.......
will check out your blog to find out more .
yes i did the wood dye trick on the door, its just so easy and you know me if theres an easy way I will go for it LOL
I use Colron which is by Ronseal and one tin lasts years and comes in handy for all sorts of stuff including my witches broom handles so its worth buying !
julie xxx

Irene said...

Ha ha! I disappear for a few hours and you've posted again! I love the light fitting - it's just so right for the shop. I like the aged paint finish too.

Anonymous said...

Hello Julie!
A couple of days before I was searcing pictures of old style dresses on google, and I discover miniature doll houses.
It's amazing!
I live in Hungary and I never see anyting like this before.
I'm so amazed!
You have such a luck spending time in this wonderland.
I'm watching enviously how You create this house.
You do a great job!I will follow your work, and I hope someday I will have a self made dollhouse too...till then I watch yours:)
Best wishes, mijuu

Sans said...

Julie, you just made me die of envy. Those lights are gorgeous!

Carmen said...

La lampara es preciosa¡¡¡¡ Me encanta ese modelo. Es preciosa la escena. Un saludo.

julie campbell said...

Hello Irene, I was like a bus yesterday, 2 posts at once after waiting ages LOL

Hello Mijuu, I hope some day you will have your own dolls house too. There are some wonderful inspirational blogs about miniature houses. I will put a list of some I follow on my sidebar so you can visit them too :0)
julie xx

julie campbell said...

Sans arent they just beautiful !! they are from His site is well worth a visit, he is so talented and his lights are amazing :0)

Hello Carmen and Thank you !
julie xxx

Debie Lyons said...

Julie those light really suit the shop/house, they are lovely.
Debie xxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Hows the house coming on Julie? Love the lights, they are the perfect choice for the shop. Hope the conservatory is with you and cant wait to see the progress on that too! There is a Sunshine award on our blog for you for this great new blog of yours to tell you how much we enjoy it and look forward to seeing all the progress you make every week. Its such a fab project and you do it so beautifully and give so much inspiration and enthusiasm! Kate xx

Ara said...

How fun to see it all coming together! I really like the green as well! hugs, ara

Irene said...
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Irene said...

Hi Julie - there's a Sunshine Award on my blog for you. I'm enjoying what you're doing with your Edwardian property. You can pick it up from here - deleted my earlier post as I listed the wrong blog! Silly me. Irene

julie campbell said...

LOL thanks Irene !
Thanks to kate too :0)
and hello Ara and Debie,its slow progress here at the minute but all the more time for planning !
julie xxx