Saturday, 6 February 2010

Inside at last !

I am waiting for my orangery to arrive so while I wait I have started work on the inside. First of all I had to decide once and for all the layout of the shop floor and what to do with the tiny passage way that would appear if I went with my preferred layout.
Much plotting ensued and a cunning plan was decided on !
First then, to tackle the removeable back wall which must be decorated first. I cut off the thin piece that went over the right hand top edge of the wall and then using the wall as a template cut a piece from MDF to glue into the stairwell cut out on the back wall.
While this dried I searched my bits and bobs box for spare doors and found two identical ones ...........perfect !
Here you see one of the doors glued under the stairwell. This will "lead" into Uncle Morts workshop................the Orangery ! I will fix the other door to the back of the house in the same position inside the workshop and it will appear that it opens .
The tradesmans entrance will open into this tiny passage way through which the tradesmen would be able to deliver goods directly into the workshop .

This next bit involved 2 days and much huffing and puffing and tea drinking ! I put my newly filled wall into place and arranged the shop shelves
to ft then measured up a back wall to go across the corner which in turn was glued to the back of the right hand corner shelf.
With some ( well okay.... lots....) sanding and numerous trials for size I ended up with a wall that fit perfectly into the shop and permanently attached shop shelves which you can see I painted antique white...............and a few gaps too. I filled these then added a little decorative trim that covered the join and strengthend the whole wall.

this is the back of the wall decorated already . This is the decor for the downstairs passage way and entrance to the living quarters. I chose lovely muted green william morris paper from Sid Cooke .The striped paper is also used in the tiny passageway at the other side of the house.

This pic is a "Ta dah ! " moment for me ! I antiqued the shelves a little more. The shop is to be old one and a little bit dilapidated. Uncle Mort let things run to rack and ruin and although Belle has cleaned it up a lot the furniture is still aged with time .
My preferred method of ageing is to simply paint some wood stain ( I use ronseal ) over the item and then rub off immediately with a soft cloth. The stain settles into the corners and detailing and leaves a soft colour wash which looks like the patina of time .
I am using the most beautiful grey toile wallpaper for the shop , you can see it here. I will be painting my parquet floor tiles in dove grey and cream to match and it should all look really beautiful with a slightly fairytale air to it and a fine setting for the wonderful toys .
I will post the final pictures of the small passageway soon, I am almost finished working on it and then I can put the shelved wall permanently in place.
I will also give you a peek at the fabulous lighting I have bought for the Emporium courtesy of the fabulously talented Ray Storey, they are simply stunning !
julie xxx


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

I cant wait to see the lights, I love glamorous lights! The wallpaper is beautiful Julie. Im not too good at papering which is why the Sweeney house was so easy as its bubbles and is badly fitted but it dosnt matter as its supposed to look bad, a relief for me. Whereas yours looks perfect, do you use the paste to fit it?
The colouring you have chosen is lovely, and that door is a great idea. What a great idea to age the units, it looks very effective, and less hard work than using different paints. I must invest in some ronseal! Bet your itching for the orangery to arrive! Have a great weekend

Irene said...

You're certainly storming ahead with this. I love the step by step pics and these shelving units are very versatile, aren't they? To find two identical doors must have been a bit of a coup as well, usually there's only one! I'm enjoying your progress with this.

Bear cabin miniatures said...

I love William Morris wallpaper, they are always lovely colours. Your Emporium is coming along brilliantly. Can't wait to see your lights, they are bound to be extra, extra wonderful :0)
Julia xxx

julie campbell said...

Hello Kate, i use ronseal oak wood dye,and its fab for all sort of mini projects. Its very watery and just sinks in to wood and wies off paint in a jiffy !
The wood work is all being painted a muted dirty green :0)
i just use ordinary wallpaper paste for the papering. I love papering and used some scraps to patch the striped bit together but you cant tell unless you get very close !
julie xxx

julie campbell said...

hello irene ,
I must admit I cheered when I found the two matching doors LOL youre right, it hardly ever happens !
julie xxx

julie campbell said...

hi Julia, yes I love william morris designs. the one on the stairs is my favourite pattern.
i am cracking on really well today so might have more pics later 1
julie xxx

Michelle's Mad World said...

The more I see of this fabulous shop, the more I love it! ;o) You have chosen some great wallpapers which all add to the 'ambience' of a toy shop! ;o)) I love Ray Storey lighting...he makes some scrumptious lights. I'm having some of his Tudor lights etc for Hogwarts as they are the best I have seen for the project.
I particularly like your idea of using stain to age...excellent idea and so easy to do! I shall be using that one! ;o))

I am laying the flagstones in the Orangey today...the outside is just about done (I will tweak it a bit more once I get the base for the garden in place), apart from the tiles on the roof. I hope you start on your kit sooner rather than later! ;o))
Michelle xxxx

Jain Squires said...

Looking good Julie. Love the shelves and the thought that it will be all a little shabby. Jain xx

Sans said...

Hi Julie, I don't always leave a comment but I am following the progress of this house with a lot of interest.

I have a small house that has been sitting here for ages but everytime I want to start , I think that I should resolve the lighting 1st so that the wires can be hidden. I have yet to find suitable lighting fixture (we don't have dollhouse lights here) and I am wondering I should just wire anyway...nahh.. wait and see what you do :)

Debie Lyons said...

I cant get over how fast this is coming together Julie. It is truly looking wonderful. Cant wait to see those lights.
Debie xxx

Ara said...

Looking great Julie... looks like those shelves have been there forever!!! hugs, ara

WendiesMiniWorld said...

You are moving forwards quickly with this house! a woman with a mission LOL and its looking fantastic. I love the simplicity of your ageing process, I may have to try that one :o)
Good luck with your Parquet flooring...... the mere mention makes me feel all 'Grrrr' I have struggled with mine and given up!! How are you doing yours? I have the individual tiles and its not going well for me, wood glue was awful and theyve dried very uneven, so I will be following any hints and tips closely!!

Tallulah Belle said...

cunning plan lmao....reminded me of Baldrick :-)

You are coming along great Julie. I love Wm Morris patterns. I used to have some lovely tiny Morris print liberty fabric ...I'd forgotten all about it till now. Have no idea what ever happened to it though.

Can't wait to see the lights.

julie campbell said...

Hi michelle, my orangery still isnt here so I'm very envious that your laying flagstones ! cant wait to see pics :0)

Hello Jain, nobody does shabby quite like you but this place has got to be old and tatty round the edges, its a lot of fun to do too !

Hello Sans, I am not great at wiring so do mine the easy way by leading the wires out of the back of the house and fixing a socket strip there. I will disguise it all with the orangery and brickwork and place the socket strip where it wont be noticed but it will be simple......well thats the plan so far LOL
julie xxx

julie campbell said...

Hi Debie, this is really slow going for me ! if I had the luxury of some spare time I would be finished by now LOL but am having to do it when I can !

Thanks Ara, thats the effect I'm hoping for, the toys will be clean but the shelves are meant to have been there for years :0)

Wendy , the parquet tiles are my next step.
I am very worried about them warping when I paint them so have another cunning plan wich I will post if it works LOL if I go missing for some time you'll know what I am dong !!!

Hi Jayne, your fabric sounds gorgeous, I have a book of wrapping paper sheets in william morris designs and they are so beautiful but the wrong scale for my miniatures which is such a shame. I cant bear to use them as wrapping paper they are so pretty !
julie xx

Carmen said...

Julie muchas gracias, no sabe lo que estoy aprendiendo.. No conocia la tienda de las lamparas y me ha encantado, pero los diseños de William Morris ohhhh son preciosos. Muchas gracias. Abrazos Carmen

julie campbell said...

Gracias los carmen, I' m alegre usted está disfrutando del progreso de mi casa de muñecas Julie xx

Anonymous said...

Great tip on aging! I will be trying that out once I get started.