Monday, 1 February 2010

The Emporium is expanding !

Belles Toy Emporium is expanding !
The photo is the Orangery. I almost bought this at xmas to add to the side of the house but my measurements just didnt add up and the whole thing wouldnt have fitted where I wanted it to go. The garden isnt included, just the actual building which is wide but not too deep.
Now that the house is built and on its turn table on the old chest of drawers in my sitting room I have measured up again and realised with delight that there is a place for the Orangery............... the back of the shop ! I ordered it today :0)
It is to become Uncle Mortimers workshop and the place where the toys are made.
It also solves the problem of the side door. The tradesmans entrance that leads nowhere if I stick to my shelf arrangement.
I will add a fake doorway in the back wall of the shop that "leads " to the workshop. The tradesmans entrance door will be rehinged on the opposite side and when opened lead into a little corridor with the fake doorway leading to the workshop for deliveries !
The workshop will also conceal the wiring that will come through the back of the house and be a lovely "surprise" when the Emporium is turned around on the turn table.
It feels like a great plan !
I have started to alter the back wall of the shop already and will post pics if it all works out.
A bit of bodging may be called for ................. my wood working skills are minimal but I'm sure it will all work out...........................
watch this space !
julie xxx


Jain Squires said...

So you went and brought it!!!! It will be absoulutely fab as the workshop Love Jain x

julie campbell said...

I couldnt resist Jain !
Uncle Mort needs a proper workshop and this will be just perfect,
julie :0)

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

I was going to say workshop but couldnt remeber if the attic areas had been planned for that but this will look great! Its going to be HUIGE, will it all stay in the living room? Kate xx

Kathi said...

This is so pretty! What a great addition to your house! I'm adding a conservatory to my house too. I like this one with the expanded garden. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

Debie Lyons said...

Wow Julie it is going to look fabulous. You work so hard on making minis for others you deserve your own to play with.

Debie xxxxxxx

Michelle's Mad World said...

I can't wait to see how you finish yours, I think you might 'just' beat me in finishing mine too (despite you starting after me),I work so slow! lol If your conservatory turns out anything like your shop it will be fabulous! ;o))
Michelle xxx

Irene said...

Hello Julie, I just found your blog and have been reading my way through from the beginning. I just love all the progress pics you've posted and am enjoying following your build. You don't half work fast! I'm fairly new to blogging myself and you're right when you said in one post, it keeps you focused! Looking forward to more. Irene x

Annie said...

I´m also a new follower. I just found your blog through Michelle. I love your blog and ideas and I look forward to follow your work...

julie campbell said...

Thanks for all the comments and a big hello and welcome to new followers, Irene and Annie and anyone else about :0)
I'm still waiting for this to arrive but have made good progress on the new inside wall and will post pics later all being well !
julie xxx

Kaleidoskopic Romance said...

I am so impressed on how you are building up your dollhouse. Thank you for posting and explaining your techniques, I am learning so much!
I can't wait to see the final results :)