Monday, 13 January 2014

Trimble's is still standing !

Well , where did the time go ? I can hardly believe its been so long since my last post in December 2012.   I was very busy in 2013 , but really there is just no excuse for not posting ..... things have got to change !
Most of 2013 was spent doll making, and barely any of it was spent enjoying my hobby.
One of my new years resolutions for 2014 was that this was going to change.
I am still very busy doll making, but have plans to finally get to grips with the unfinished rooms above the toyshop this year and post my progress here .

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of progress made yet, but I did re arrange the shop window displays as I was making plans and they are looking lovely . 

I am still filling the toy shop shelves, I think it will take a few years before it is full . I am always looking out for special and unusual toys and my collection gives me a lot of pleasure.
I bought some lovely new toys in 2013 and also received some wonderful gifts of special pieces for my toy shop. I will write a post featuring some of the new additions to the shop soon.
First though I wanted to show off some very special miniature toys.
These aren't all mine, I only have one of them, but I am happy to show them as they have been made by my beautiful and talented daughter Katie !
Uncle Mort would be happy to have all of these three on display in the shop

I don't know which of these tiny jack in the boxes is my favourite, they are all so lovely and colourful !
Katie also makes wonderfully tiny puppets ( you can just glimpse one hanging in the first photo of my shop window ) and other tiny toys.
I hope you've enjoyed another peek inside the toyshop and sorry to have kept you waiting so long ......  I hope to be posting here a lot more regularly this year.
Julie xxx


Diane said...

I love photo number 4, Mr Trimble looks such a lovely kind man. The jack in the boxes are very cute.

julie campbell said...

Thank you Diane :)