Thursday, 27 December 2012

Mortimer trimble takes up residence in the toy shop

It has been some time since my last blog post. 
There have been lots of things happening in Trimbles Toy Emporium !
As you can see the Toy Shop doesnt really look very different ...............................
The street light is still lit at the side of the building and the old Saint Bernard dog is still waiting outside , harnessed to the carriage..............

The shop window still has the wonderful dummy board of Belle sitting astride her trusty rocking horse, but things have changed a little here, a beautiful doll by artisan Lea Frisoni  is there to tempt you into peeking inside, and some precious old wooden toys by the sadly missed artisan Chris Sturgess Leif.
The biggest change however is standing behind the shop counter, take a peek through the open doors............ I do believe Mr. Mortimer Trimble himself is now in residence and waiting for you to enter his wonderful Emporium !

As most of you know I am a doll maker, my miniature houses are my hobby but doll making is my passion. When I built this toyshop I already had in mind the old fellow who owned the shop . It has taken me some time to actually get round to making him but to my delight he turned out exactly as I had imagined .
Let me introduce Mortimer Trimble, proprietor of Trimble's Toy Emporium and inventor of wonderful and magical toys !
Mr. Trimble is delighted to make your acquaintance and hopes you will enjoy your visit to his Emporium.

The shop is now beginning to fill up nicely with beautiful toys, although there is room for lots more !
I have also been working on the rooms upstairs and will post more photos soon as there have been a few changes and I have a special project in store for the attic .
julie xx


Simon said...

Hi Julie
It's SO great to see your latest news. I can't wait to see how your plans for the attic progress.
Have a great Christmas

Irene said...

That, Julie, was well worth the wait! It's marvellous. You can almost hear the little bell ring with the open door.

Sonja said...

Hi Julie,
Your toy shop is wonderful!!
I am very nosy about the attic plans.
I wish you a happy new year

The Old Maid said...

It's a great shop with fabulous owner! The doll is just great Julie! A perfect man for a perfect shop! Can't wait to see more!:)

Philip said...

Julie, how wonderful your shop is, every detail is superb. It reminds me of a store I used to frequent as a child-I would have dreams of being locked in over night! Thank you for sharing your
magnificent creation, I look forward to seeing upstairs.

MinisAntonia said...

Es un trabajo precioso, he pasado un buen rato mirando tus fotos y me han encantado. Un beso.

Margaret said...

Mr Trimble should be very proud of his toyshop, and he looks the ideal shopkeeper. Have a great New Yeaar!

Petite Pursuits said...

Hi Julie,

I was drawn to your blog by this post alone! Your shop is fantastic, I especially love the side view - so intricate and detailed.
Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Happy New Year!

julie campbell said...

Thank you all for such lovely comments, I am hoping to find a little more hobby time this year , I have lots to do still in the Emporium and plan to keep the updates much more regular .
Happy New Year and thank you for following my blog :0)
julie xxx

Em said...

Mr Trimble lives and breathes. I can even imagine his soft voice. What an absolute delight all your work is. Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

CLM Toth said...

This is best toy shop I've ever seen, in miniature. What I LOVE is the doll in her box in the window and the doll on the rocking horse.
And I also love Mr. Trimble, he is the perfect fellow to have a toy shop, a very sympathetic face.

Cassy of:
clmt's miniature world

Jorge Cubells said...

que belleza de jugueteria!!

Sandra said...

Trimbles is wonderful! I love the whole atmosphere and the contents, they are just beautiful. Looking Forward to seeing the attic plans. Sandra

Evelyne Martin said...

Mr. Mortimer Trimble is a perfect addition to the store. It was impeccable before, but he brought life to it. Bravo!