Saturday, 4 February 2012

A new year and finally some progress !

I was shocked but not entirely surprised to find it has been 7 months since my last post here.
It has been busy and I didnt find a lot of time for my hobby last year but this year one of my resolutions was to find time to do the things I love and this I have done :0)
So finally we have a little progress on the living quarters above the shop and as I have thought more about the characters who will live here i have changed things round a little and probably will do again before things are completed !
So here is the parlour, I think I will have a sideboard on the wall behind the sofa and definitely a picture or mirror above it but for now although not complete it is at least pleasing me .
The thing that is pleasing me the most is my baby house !
I bought this in bare wood and have painted it cream with grey accents. The inside I have decorated with silk fabrics , I wasnt too particular here as I want it to look very much like the antique baby houses I have seen in museums and not brand spanking new.
In my stories this has been built for Belle by Uncle Mort and decorated by the young Belle.
However it takes pride of place in the parlour !
I am gradually filling it with 144th scale furniture :0)

Finally we have curtains throughout the house. I have added windowsills and sat some tiny ornaments and a doll on this one.

I bought a lovely chair which I distressed and added a throw . I then covered the seat of the sofa with the same fabric as the throw and will be making some cushions for this soon as it is still to bare for my liking.

You can see the little west highland terrier here too, to remind me of our dear suzie who we no longer have. This one is a boy though called Barney !

I have also been working on the bedrooms , I will be posting again very soon .........

julie x


The Old Maid said...

Good to see you are working on this pretty house, Julie! Hope to read and see more soon!;)

Irene said...

The parlour is looking lovely and it's good to see you back blogging again. I often wondered what you were up to! Hats off to you too for making up the weeny furniture!

Kayjay said...

Glad to see you back! Can I ask where you bought the lovely baby house kit from?

Rachel said...

It's looking lovely!

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Beautiful! I love the baby house and your little Barney :)


julie campbell said...

Hi ewa, one day I will get this finished, I cant believe I had such a long gap between last working on it !
julie xx

julie campbell said...

Hello Irene ,
Thanks :0) I must confess I bought this furniture ready made when I was in Paris but I have kits ordered from the US so will be making some soon, lets hope it looks as nice as this LOL
julie xx

julie campbell said...

Hi kay, I bought the baby house from an ebay seller, they are in hong king but the itmes arrive very quickly and really well packaged and they are very cheap, heres the link to their shop
julie xx

julie campbell said...

Thanks rachel :0)
julie xx

julie campbell said...

Thanks victoria, I think barney likes it here a lot :0)
julie xx

Julia said...

It's looking lovely Julie. I love your furniture, you have the perfect eye for colours :)
Julia xxx

Patty said...

Julie, I am so excited that you will be working on this house again! I love how the parlor looks so far. Excellent curtains!!! I really love those and the little doll on the sill is lovely! I look forward to more photos soon!

julie campbell said...

Hello Julia, thank you :0)
I want to keep everything in muted shades . I dont know wehter I will ever get round to doing anything with the stories I have woven around the characters who will live here,but they have affected the way I have decorated. Uncle Mort was married to a french girl who died young in childbirth and his niece Belle was named after her. So a lot of the furniture is french style and of course now old and a little shabby but well cared for :0)
julie xx

julie campbell said...

Thank you Patty :0)
I am enjoying working on it so much now I have made the time to do so ! I had bought quite a few items of furniture that just dont really work in here so I wil be being very choosy with the rest of the furniture and will probably make it from kits as I love putting my own stamp on things.
Hopefully this year will see the upstairs complete . I may well be filling the toyshop itself for years to come LOL
julie xx

Antonia Gago Andreu said...

ooohhhh me quedé enamorada de tu blog, que habitacines tan bonitas, tan realess. me hago seguidora para seguirte mas de cerca. un beso.

maragverdugo said...

You're doing a great job. For me is a pleasure to visit your blog and admire each advance. It's a beautiful house

maragverdugo said...

You're doing a great job. For me is a pleasure to visit your blog and admire each advance. It's a beautiful house

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They look like they are rooms that belong in Downton Abbey.