Monday, 9 May 2011

Belle's Bedroom, work has begun !

First of all thank you for your patience, its been a long time between posts !

I have been so busy with my dollmaking I havent had a lot of hobby time this year . After exhibiting at Kensington Dollshouse festival this weekend I will finally be able to step off the treadmill and find some of that elusive time to work on my Emporium .

I have done a little work though, and this is Belle's bedroom so far. Belle is 12 years old and although she works very hard helping her Uncle she is still a child and one of the perks of living above a toyshop with a toymaker uncle is having wonderful toys.

There will be some quite magical toys in Belle's bedroom although right now it is fairly empty.

I dressed her bed , it is a phoenix kit I painted and assembled, very simple to do and it looks wonderful. I spent ages dressing the bed to make it look slightly shabby yet still pretty and cosy.

The room needs curtains, a chest of drawers for Belles clothes or possibly a small writing desk.

Decisions, decisions !

I am looking forward to finishing this room.

The room next door belongs to Uncle Mort who is rather a strange fellow and will fittingly have rather a strange room.............. I am planning some minor adjustments to the structure of the room and will post more when I get time to try out my plans.

Welcome to my new followers, I hope I wont keep you waiting quite so long for another post :0)

julie xxx



The Old Maid said...

It is already very pretty room! Can't wait to see uncle's room after you described how it's going to look like:)

ines paiva raposo said...

o quarto a lindo! Adoro a cama, é uma inspiração para a minha futura cama.
Estou desejosa de ver mais.

May said...

es una habitación preciosa,muy romántica, me encanta

Michelle said...

I just adore this! I love absolutely everything! The bed and bedding is perfect (I've made that kit, but I had oodles of trouble getting the bed board to stay in!). It all blends together so wonderfully!! :o)

I love the china knobs and finger plates on the door (did you buy them like that or did you paint them with enamel?).

This is and will always be one of my most favourite houses - superb!

Michelle xxx

Norma said...

It's wonderful!! I like how you've made the bed look 'lived in' (shoudl that be 'slept in'??).

Eva said...

Una habitación muy femenina, preciosa. Un saludo, Eva

Irene said...

It's nice to see you back blogging again. The room is lovely and you've caught the essence of the era very well. The bed is lovely and I particularly like the throw you've arranged on it.

Chrissey said...

Hiya what a lovely room, the wallpaper is perfect for in there and love the bed, so nice seeing your property its always a pleasure to see it xx

Patty said...

Julie, What a wonderful bedroom for Belle! I am so excited to see you do more with this store and living quarters!!

Nyork said...

I love that bed looks so real, it is great.
I really like your work

Steinworks said...

all I can say is I love that room..I would live there if I could and I really want to see the others

Flora said...

How long do you stay away, when you come back you leave us breathless!
In this room there is a great atmosphere: I'm sure you make the best decisions about it :-)
Mini hugs, Flora

radical miniatures said...

Looks cosy and lovely. I love the bed.



Maria Ireland said...

I have just found your blog it and loved the room its so restful well i love everything about it .:)Cant wait to see what else you do to it . :)

Plushpussycat said...

I just love your work! These rooms are amazing! I am so glad I found your blog!

Virginia Isabel said...

estupendo. el cuarto es maravilloso. es real.

Mona said...

A wonderful house. Looking forward to see more.

Lisa said...

Oh Julie, I have just found your site... it is wonderful... I love the way you have everything dressed and all of the tips you have given... wonderful, just wonderful! Thank you for sharing xxx

Rachel Clowes Illustrator said...

So beautiful, I love it!!