Friday, 8 October 2010

A miniature train set for Trimble's Toy Emporium !

Firstly ,its a long time since I posted here. Thank you to allmy followers for being so patient and not jumping ship !
My Toy Emporium is madein my "hobby " time and this year I have had very little time to spare. I have been working so hard for the miniatures shows , but at the last one, Miniatura last weekend, my friend Jax from was there with the little train set I had asked her to make for me . These littletrains are just lovely.They have a socket at the back for a battery pack or adapter and the train chuggs around the track beautifully !

Here is my train set after I decorated it. I used my Valerie Anne Casson toy castle as a centre piece and added some scenic grass scatter . I also made a few trees with tiny twigs from my garden ! The track comes with spaces to fit legs, so I added legs and a tablecloth to match the shop curtains.

I am delighted with the effect .
Here it is inthe shop,which as you can see still has very empty shelves which I hope tostart filling soon. It really is a wonderful centrepiece for the shop and I can pile lots of toys around it.
I am now eager to get on with the Emporium so really hope I can find the time and that my next post wont be so long arriving !

julie xxx


The Old Maid said...

You've got beautiful toys there already Julie! Can't wait to see the shelves filled ;)

Flora said...

After a long absence, welcomed us with such a wonder :-)
I can not wait to attend the inauguration of the store!!!
Mini lovely hugs, Flora

Linda said...

oooooooooo how it!! :D x

Julia @ bearcabinminiatures said...

It's lovely. Your toyshop is going to be delightful :0)
Julia xxx

Marisa Stein said...

it's going to be a lovely shop! I can't wait to see the other toys :)

Marisa :)

Michelle's Mad World said...

One of my favourite shops/houses in blogland and I want to move in! lol Superb mini's and soo wonderfully made too. :o))

Michelle xx

CLARA said...

Esta pieza del tren está preciosa, decora la tienda tan esplendida que tiens.
Has anyone else got problems?
The scroll down read list is huge and there is no scroll at the side so I can only see a few blog posts (most recent)

Irene said...

I'm eager for you to get on with the Emporium too! The train set is a marvellous item to have and it sits really well in the centre of the shop. Lovely to meet you again at the Fair (did you get time to do some shopping?)

Sans! said...

OMY!!!!!!! OMG!!!!

You have tiny train set that works! I saw one in the Miniature Museum of Taiwan and thought I could just die and now you have one! Envvvvvvvy!

Patty said...

Julie, I love that you have posted here again as I LOVE this toy store that you are putting together!! The train is really wonderful! I love how you have finished it off and amazed that this is battery operated and really runs!!!! Too sweet! I look forward to more posts!

Sandra Morris said...

I have one of these too, bought at Miniatura *cough,mumble* years ago.

I have all the landscaping scenery to make the board look interesting AND it's destined to go in my toy shop too.

I still haven't even started it, but you have activated my guilt chip so guess what I'll be doing after KDF?

miniaturista said...

La habitación infantil de juegos, está ideal, me encanta
Un abrazo

Anonymous said...

The train layout is amazing - thanks for showing that and giving us the link for Ceynix


Sandra from Sydney said...

This Emporium is soooo very special! Including the building itself and the way you have finished the exterior. Everything you add is the nicest, and I look forward to every new thing.
Sandra (Snippets from my Studio)

winfil said...

que bonita te va a quedar la tienda.pilar