Sunday, 27 June 2010

Interior Decorating and Parisian Goodies !

I feel like putting the flags out and celebrating as I have now finished the interior decorating !!! I will show the results in two blog posts as I have made so much progress .
In the last month I have visited 2 wonderful miniature fairs and stocked up lots of goodies for the Emporium and that really spurred me on to decorate so I could start the best part............filling it up and bringing it to life !

This is Uncle Morts room on the top floor of the building. Uncle Mort is the eccentric old fellow who owns the Emporium and makes all the wonderful toys that will line its will be meeting him very soon !

This is the kitchen. I finished it off with a wood panel behind the sink and a plain dado . I have made interior trims for the windows in the house and didnt give this one a window sill as the sink goes underneath it.
I discovered the most wonderfully talented maker of my kitchen cabinets at the Paris Alexandra Cantatore of Alemikimikri .
I am thrilled to bits with the cabinets and accessories bought from her.

The tall meat cupboard is from Apollo Miniatures here in the UK and the wonderful apple pie board is from Betsy Niederer .I have had this piece for a few years now and it just looks perfect here. I need to find the perfect kitchen range cooker and will build a fireplace around it when I find it .

I just love the kitchen so far. Although tiny I can still fit a lot in !

The shop floor is filling up ! I moved the counter over to the window as I want to pile the toys up around the floor . Most of the new toys were bought atParis S.I.M.P. The Unicorn hobby horse and book with fairy are by Jain of Giddy Kipper Dolls, bought at York fair.
I think its going to take some time to fill the shelves, but its going to be fun :0)

And finally my favourite buy .I still get a thrill justlooking at this as its exactly what I imagined when I began to plan the work shop.

My wonderful work bench ! Made by Jan Grygiel this is so perfect. The
handles actually turn and the vices open and you can really hold wood in it. There is room for tools in the drawers and I just love it. I bought lots of tools too togowith this and each one is perfect , the saws actually cut .

The workshop still needs some work but these are going to be just right !

Also from Alemikimikri is this amazing paint box. Just what Uncle Mort will need to paint his wooden toys !

The workshop lamp was bought from the lovely Ray Storey at York fair, he also supplied the light in Uncle Morts room and others you will see in my next post of Belle's room and the Parlour.
I hope to work on the back of the house in the evenings this week, bricking and pebble dashing and sorting the wiring.
Hopefully my cunning plan with the outdoor loo will this space !
julie xxxx


The Old Maid said...

Oh gosh! I love your purchases! The toys are sooo cute! And the work bench with all the tools are just fantastic! The wallpapers and floors in kitchen and Uncles morts room are beautiful!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

How exciting to be able to begin to fill it! The decor is beautiful, I love the kitchen especially, great cabinets! Such treasures, lucky you, that worktable really is the best isnt it with all those amazing tools! Cant wait to meet Uncle Mort, bet he will be so special! Kate xxx

Merry Jingle said...

The house is looking great, can't wait to see you putting all the things in their places :) And I love the kitchen cabinets, they are fab!

Heather said...

What wonderful purchases. I'm so envious of people who are able to attend the European shows!

Jain Squires said...

Oh Julie, it's looks so perfect with all the special things in. I'd forgotton about those wonderful cupboards. That workbench really is the best!!! Jain xx

Julie Kendall said...

oooo Julie that workbench and those tools and the toys!!!
The tools...i love those tool....
You dont fancy comming to sort my full size home do
The kitchen is beautiful i would actually stay in that one!

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

Julie, everything looks totally perfect! You must be so happy :) I love the workbench, too, and the kitchen cupboards are wonderful!

JessicaPooh said...

Julie, would you mind my asking where you found your wallpapers? They look so authentic!

Jess x

Wanda said...

Love the kitchen cabinets. The finish is fantastic. The patina of age is perfect. The mini tools for the workroom and great as well. Like Heather, I am also very envious of those who can attend any mini shows, not just Europe. In 20 years of building and collecting minis, I have only gotten to one show, and that was when it coincided with a business trip. You are so very fortunate to be able to attend these venues!!

Debie Lyons said...

Julie this is fabulous, I had to look twice for at first I thought it was real size. That tool bench is awesome.

Lorra Luffies

Debie xxxxxxxxxx

Irene said...

You've certainly made good progress since the last post - it all looks fantistic. The workbench is just brilliant and the fact that the tools, especially the saw that works, is amazing. Looking forward to meeting Uncle Mort in the future. It all loosk great Julie, I can understand how pleased you are with it all.

Margaret said...

I love your purchases and the kitchen is exquisite, love the wallpaper and the floor, I never would have picked the floor but it goes so well together. The cabinets are really great, it all looks fabulous, I will enjoy seeing you fill the rest of the shop and apartment.

Kayjay said...

Julie, it's really beautiful - all the toys and detailing are fabulous. I saw you going around York Fair and guessed you were hunting for your toy shop :0) Looking forward to the next instalment! Kathryn x

julie campbell said...

Thanks Ewa, I was so excited to find the workbench !
I spent so long choosing the wallpapers as I dont want to redecorate this again.....ever !
julie xxx

julie campbell said...

Hi Kate :0)
Those cabinets were flying off ~Alexandra's table , I didnt thinkI would get them and actually had to take one from a ladies hand as she picked it up as I wastrying to pay LOL
I saved a long time for my Parisian spending spree and now have to work hard to save for next year......I will be going back for sure !
julie xx

julie campbell said...

Hello Ira,
it will be nice to have allthe decorating and building stuff real house has been full of glue and paste and paper and trims for months !
julie xxx

julie campbell said...

Hi heather, it was so wonderful to get to a show in another country !
We are lucky though thatin England we have some very good shows.
I would love to go to the USA ones someday but for now that is just a dream :0)
julie xxx

julie campbell said...

Hi Jain,
I was so pleased it fitsso wellin the workshop as space is tight in there !
I'm so pleased with the kitchen,
Now to find the perfect range cooker...........
julie xxx

julie campbell said...

Hello Julie,
LOL when I work on a room I always imagine myself living in it.
I try to fit everything possible in that you would need in real life !
julie xx

julie campbell said...

Hi Dangerous Mezzo !
I had worried the kitchen was too small to do much with but is is my favourite room right now !
julie xxx

julie campbell said...

Hello Jess, were the stockists I used most as they have a wonderfulrange of wallpapers by lots of different manufacturers.
I really like the brodnax papers .
I also used some samples of full sized wallpapers ! the plain papers below the dado rail in unclemortsroomand the kitchen are fromour local diy store !
julie xxx

Flora said...

Julie, your home is a dream from which I would not wake me! Everything is so real and fantastic, while ... I love the colors you've chosen and the imaginings of floors and walls. I love the furniture, the kitchen is wonderful, but above all, I love toys!
I have only a stupid doll polymer clay for the nursery, I hate, but I can not find the best (affordable for my pocket!) And see these wonderful toys I feel constrained to a heart ...
Uncle Mort sounds very well: I can not wait to make your acquaintance :-)
Reguards, flora

julie campbell said...

Oh Wanda ! one show in 20years !!! you have made me feel very very lucky !
I hope you can manage to get to more . Thank goodness for the internet, when I got my first dolls house kit around 15 years ago now I only knew of Dolls house emporium, I had no idea there were such things as miniature shows !
At least with the internet we can visit makers all around the world from our own homes :0)
julie xxx

julie campbell said...

Thanks Debie , thats exactly the effect I was hoping for :0)
I dont think I will make another dolls house ( although never say never LOL) so am going all out to make this one my dream house, so of course it just had to be a toy shop :0)
julie xxx

julie campbell said...

Hello Irene,
Thanks :0) I was so thrilled when I realised my saws actually cut !
They are one thing my little grand daughter will not be getting her eager hands on, I have a special box of child friendly toys which she thinks live in the shop that I get out for her to play with !
julie xx

julie campbell said...

LOL Margaret, I would never have picked that floor either !
I had some going spare though, tried it in for size and loved it !
I really enjoy wallpapering but absolutely hate putting in the coving and skirting etc. I am not very good with wood and it takes me forever to mitre the corners.
I have a date with some filler and paint to neaten everything up at ceiling level.......
julie xx

julie campbell said...

Hi Kayjay,
Yes I was on a mission to get lots of things ticked off my list at York !
I bought a few nice things that will be showing up on the blog soon,it was a great fair wasnt it !
julie xxx

julie campbell said...

Hello Flora,
Thank you :0)
I always dreamed of a toyshop like this and it has taken a lot of years to start acheiving my dream.
I have been able to buy some wonderful toys but I have a lot of shelves to fill so I will also be making some of my own.
I will be showing how I do this here on the blog, with instructions so I hope you can follow along and make some with me !
I have also designed some paper dolls and "jumping jacks" and will put some on the blog that can be printed and cut out by anyone who likes them !
First though I must finish the decorating :0)
julie xxx

Michelle's Mad World said...

I'm swooning at all your truly fantastic buys!! I love them all, they are all so perfect and all go so perfectly together too! I love the china door knob and finger plate on the door. The kitchen cabinets are just fabulous and so is that work bench! WOW, I have never seen anything like that ever before! I love the bear in the box and that pram is the prettiest I have ever seen. :o))

Your toy shop is how I would imagine it to be...and you have perfect taste in setting that scene! Just wonderful!

Thank you for showing it ALL! ;o))
Michelle xxxx

Sans! said...

O Julie, I am soooo late but I just have to comment before I go. :)

I was gasping in awe and admiration for that kitchen cabinet and counter. I have never seen one so pretty and detailed. And then there are all those toys! Wow, I have seen some of them on your blog but not the sedan chair (with the small building on the table) . I really love that.

But when I saw your workbench, I am coveting so badly, I may be damned for committing the greatest sin! :):)

Wonderful wonderful purchases :).This is going to be an absolutely fabulous house cum shop.

Janice said...

You have bought some exquisite pieces Julie. The kitchen is fabulous, everything fits together just perfectly.

May I ask where you purchsed the lovely teddy in the box?

I am definitely going to SIMP next year!

Pan said...

So many wonderful things! I love that kitchen!

Susan Briscoe said...

Love what you're doing with your Empire Stores.

Does it show that a person spends too much time looking at miniatures, when I guessed which house you were using from the very first photo in this post?

Look forward to reading more & more pictures.

Minka's Studio said...

Love the work table and tool box!

miniaturista said...

La mesa y las herramientas perfectas.
Un abrazo